Democratic Process

I believe the democratic process should not be limited only to elections.

The democratic process should exist during all periods of the tenure of our elected and appointed officials.

Elected officials of any government level should strive to create opportunities for citizens to share their feedback and give input regarding issues of concern to the community.  Creating opportunities for communication also allows the elected official opportunity to explain and give further information regarding factors involved in decision making on specific issues.

As a City Councillor, I pledge to the residents of Dartmouth and the HRM, to create a regularly scheduled Community Forum to allow community members to congregate and share information and ideas.

2 comments on “Democratic Process”

  1. Roger Mercier Reply

    Hi Ned,

    I am curious as to whether you have attempted to engage the public within district 5 and/or, in conjunction with candidates from neighbouring districts? I have been dealing with a number of health issues myself and within the family; as a result, I am a little bit behind on what has, and what will be taking place. Will there be an all candidate event for District 5? If not, do attempt to spearhead the event to get everyone together at a local venue. I will be happy to assist you in this endeavour.


    Roger Mercier

    • admin Reply

      Hello Roger,

      Apologies that I didn’t reply to this sooner. If I remember correctly, I spoke with you briefly on the phone as well.

      I have been attending community events and political meetings in neighbouring districts well before I committed to this campaign. Our communities do not see the arbitrary lines drawn for electoral district boundaries, and it is important for ALL our Councillors to remember that they represent not only their own district’s residents, but indeed, their decisions represent and affect members from next door districts and the full HRM.

      I hope the health issues you are dealing with resolve themselves well. I have dealt with some difficulties myself, and my mom has been undergoing cancer treatment for a year (looks good now, though). So I can truly empathize with others’ health issues.

      Take care! Saying a little prayer for you and your family!

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