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Appropriate Developments

Through the many discussions I have been having with residents of Dartmouth Centre, it has become clear that by far the greater majority of residents are not happy with plans calling for very tall buildings – residential or mixed business/residential –  to be erected in the midst of residential areas in which one-and-a-half to two

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Cannabis Shops and Zoning

Here is a topic that some residents and candidates may feel uncomfortable introducing and speaking about. The reality is, our present federal government has pledged to legalize the cannabis and cannabis products for non-medical usage. There is a large segment of our population who is okay with marijuana and cannabis products.  There is a large

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Bicycle Safety

Many District 5 residents have stated bicycle safety is an Issue of Special Concern, and it was pointed out to me that there are many different reasons for bicycling including commuting, exercising, sport training, and other recreation. We have seen improvements in the HRM regarding bicycle lanes, and this progress is fantastic! But there is

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