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Designing Sustainable Communities

Human culture is at a unique point in its history.  The possibilities for information sharing have become nearly endless, especially with the advent of the internet. Hence, it is easier than ever before to research and design new communities, and to reconfigure existing communities for maximum benefit to residents and minimum environmental footprint to our

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Democratic Process

I believe the democratic process should not be limited only to elections. The democratic process should exist during all periods of the tenure of our elected and appointed officials. Elected officials of any government level should strive to create opportunities for citizens to share their feedback and give input regarding issues of concern to the

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Poverty is a word with wide implications. Poverty is the experience of not being able to reasonably supply the necessities for one’s life and one’s family’s lives. In a monetized world, it means not being able to pay for things that need to be paid for.  This leads to stress and poorer health, making it

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