Blue Mountain Birch Cove Wilderness Area

We here in the HRM at large have an opportunity.  An opportunity to create a beautiful and meaningful wildlife reserve within arms reach of all members of the HRM, and a destination point for residents across Nova Scotia and beyond.

The process is not yet complete.  But we are nearing a possible conclusion.

Regarding the most recent proposed facilitated conclusion, after speaking with many concerned residents, it seems like the greatest frustration points are:

  • The differences between the 2006 statement and the recently facilitated agreement.
  • The lack of detailed information about boundaries and precise land ownership in the area.
  • The concern that future developments on the border of the wilderness area will encroach too much.


Here are some links with valuable information on the subject.


The facilitated negotiations have yielded a possible outcome.  This outcome is satisfactory to many people, but not to others.

At this point in time, focusing on the differences between the present possible conclusion and the 2006 statement of desired outcome is less important than carefully scrutinizing the presently available facilitated plan to see if it meets the people’s needs and expectations.

We must consider the possible outcomes if we choose to finalize this plan and if it we choose not to finalize and then attempt to carry on with further negotiations.

The public needs to know more about the specific boundaries and proposed developments before fully coming on board with the plan.


A few residents were so passionate about the subject, they even queried the possibility of expropriation of privately owned lands as a possible solution.

This, I do not believe, is advisable.  Not at all!  Except for a very last resort!!

Moving ahead together as allies is much better than creating adversaries.


To sum up…

The execution of the plan for Blue Mountain Birch Cove wilderness area is not yet fully complete.

We need cooperation and collaboration from the community, city, and developers to move ahead most successfully with this project.

We have an opportunity to complete this project very well.  Let’s all work together for a solution that is befitting of all!

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