Appropriate Developments

Through the many discussions I have been having with residents of Dartmouth Centre, it has become clear that by far the greater majority of residents are not happy with plans calling for very tall buildings – residential or mixed business/residential –  to be erected in the midst of residential areas in which one-and-a-half to two storey residential homes are nearly ubiquitous.

Residents have expressed frustration because they feel their voices are not being heard.

Business Types – Essential Services versus Non-Essential Services, and Government Regulation

I have been running my own business – Ned Milburn Hand Crafted Guitars – successfully for over half a decade now.  As well I co-founded a business with my wife, Counsel-CANADA Relocation Support – helping Japanese students and adults who wish to study or live in Nova Scotia.  While our services are considered valuable to our clients, it is fair to say that neither business is an essential service.

Like most people who operate their own small businesses, neither myself nor my wife would be very happy if any level of government were dictating how we should run our businesses.

After conversations with residents in Dartmouth, it became clear that housing is in fact an essential service.  Since housing is an essential service, residents expressed that it was not out-of-place to expect more regulation than businesses offering non-essential services.

Hence, residents feel that they should have a right to take a more active part in determining the nature of new developments in their neighbourhoods.

There has been no direct hostility expressed towards growth and new development.  However, the overwhelming majority of residents want new developments to match the character of the neighbourhoods in which they live.

I pledge to be an advocate for the community, and to be a liaison in communication with business owners who are developers and property landlords to make certain we communicate the positive reasons for making certain our new developments are in keeping with the character of our presently existing neighbourhoods, and that new developments satisfy the needs of present and future residents.

We in Dartmouth are proud, very proud of Dartmouth and the neighbourhoods in which we live.  We want to make certain this pride is able to exist long into the future.

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